The BOU consultancy was founded in the fifties in the city of Girona by Juli Bou Tapia to provide Girona's companies with the management of all administrative and fiscal tasks, a field that increases in complexity every day and requires a more expert and professionalized care, which in our case is reinforced by a half century experience.

Currently, the company has the name -BOU & ASSOCIATS SA- and is under the direction of Antoni and Joan Bou Miàs. It has also launched a phase of qualitative expansion and consolidation with the opening of facilities in the towns of Figueres, Puigcerdà, Ripoll, La Jonquera and Barcelona.

Bou & Associats, SA -
C. Sèquia, 11 - 13 - 4a planta -
Tel. 972 21 02 12 - 17001 Girona - C/E -